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Simple Content Management System 
So you're new this whole "edit your own site" thing.  That's ok, With our simple to use CMS (Content Management System )Horizon Sites has made it simple for you to edit your site from any place on the planet.  You save money because you don't need any special software, and you'll save time by editing your site on your time, not having to wait for your webmaster to get around to it.  Horizon Sites has customers in the USA, India and across Africa- so you can rest assured that our Content Management System is easy to understand and use.
Add All Sorts Of Content
You'll be able to add almost anything to your website.  From images and banners to custom HTML you'll have all the tools you needed to be current with the times and help your clients and customers to interact with your site.
Edit A Website
Multimedia Components

The media components let you put media files and animations on your site.

Audio file. Put sounds or music on your site.
Video file. Put video on your site.
Flash animations. Choose from our set of flash animations
Custom Flash animation. Upload your own flash animation and flash HTML codes.
Horizontal text fader
Animated text
Vertical scroller
Update and Edit Images Online
There are many types of image components that are available from within the site editor. Use each of the components to display images, and link those images to details, other web sites and other pages on your site.

Site Statistics and Usage
Keep up with who's visiting your site, what keywords they are using and how they are getting there all within your own website.
Site Stats

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